Falling in love with Hawaii

I’ve been going to Hawaii every year now for the last 5 years- last year even went twice! But the first time I visited was only 5 years ago. Sure I’d always heard how beautiful it was, blah blah blah. But all that was in my head was “overrated”. Umm how did I even know?


The first time I seriously considered going to Hawaii was for our honeymoon- my husband had been only once before & he was high school, but remembers loving it. I was never crazy about the idea, but wanting to compromise I did some research on the different islands, hotels, activities and pricing. Although I hadn’t been traveling much by then, I had been to Cabo twice and stayed in a 5 star all-inclusive resort with private transportation to and from the airport, and activities in there were super cheap. So naturally my “overrated” made up mind won the argument on not going to Hawaii then.


But it kept being topic of conversation with my husband. Every time I was researching a new vacation spot he would bring up Hawaii- I was still not impressed. Then five years ago for his birthday I was at a loss on what to get him and boom; Hawaii was the answer. I knew he’d love it and enjoy it and I guess this is was the perfect excuse to go. I found some great last minute airfares and a really good deal on the hotel through Expedia (I’ve used expedia to book my travel since day 1) and we were set to go!

We went to Oahu and stayed in Waikik Beachi. A former assistant of mine went to college in Oahu and she’d given me a very nice list of to dos in the island. We arrived rather late in the evening so I was ready to just go to bed and wake up ready to hit the beach.


We decided we would rent mopeds and ride them to Kailua Beach- from the moment we hit the road (in our pimp ride), I was stunned; views, all views, everywhere was breathtaking. The ride there took about an hour, and I only wish we would have stopped more at the different beaches and lookout points along the way and I had a gopro strapped to my head to capture the amazing views.

If you’ve been to Kailua and Lani Kai you know the beach is amazing! Might as well be an immense bathwater swimming pool. Here we saw and swam close to a sea turtle ❤

I was hooked.


The next day I arranged for us to go scuba diving, for the first time. My husband LOVED it! This particular activity with this instructor wasn’t for me, but will write about that later. The day after that we spent mostly on Waikiki Beach sunbathing and playing in the water.

We were only there for 3 nights and I was beyond not ready to go home. I then vowed to go to Hawaii at least once a year every year- far so good, still planning this year’s!

The following year we went back and took my parents; this time we rented a house in Oahu’s North Shore and that was it for me- if i was in love before, this really put me over. Oahu’s North Shore is really just magical. Slower pace and more secluded than Waikiki. Each beach is somehow more stunning than the one before.


Hawaii is truly paradise. And mostly, I love the way I feel when I’m there. I really embraced the Aloha lifestyle; moving at a slower pace, and really taking the time to enjoy the amazing beauty of this place.


Since, I’ve been fortunate to travel to places like the Caribbean, Greek Islands, and several beaches in Mexico, but no other place has made me feel the way Hawaii does. From no other place am I really disappointed when it’s time to go home. And I think about no other place on a daily basis like I do of Hawaii.


I’ve now also been to Maui and Kauai- while all gorgeous- Oahu is still my favorite and I’ll share why later 😉

If you haven’t been, I urge you to plan a trip there immediately! You will not be disappointed.

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