I’m doing it!

Why now?


For quite some time now I’ve dreamed and wanted to write. I’ve never been quite sure to what extent or where exactly I see/saw my writing going. In college I began writing a novel loosely based on my life and experiences with my friends. I was many chapters into it when I decided I didn’t really want that much detailed information (although loosely based) about me out there; and who would even want to read it? Late in college, close to graduating, I met my husband; although it began very casual and fun, I found I was spending almost every free second with him, and writing took the back seat.

After graduating college I took about a year to actually start looking and interviewing for a big girl job. At the time I was co-managing a tuxedo shop, where I worked with amazing people that became family. We genuinely liked each other and had each other’s back; and the work itself was easy, relaxed and paid the bills just fine. During this year after graduating though, even though I was having a hard time letting go of this job, I found myself feeling unfulfilled, slacking and bored. Up until then, I was always very used to having multiple things going on at the same time. In high school it was cheerleading, work and school. In college, it was college and working full time job along with my busy social life. Once college ended, it was just the tuxedo shop that was my true commitment and simply not enough to fill my soul- so I picked up my novel again and started writing where I left off. I found though that at that time, my theme had changed and and simply overall not satisfied with finishing that project the way it was going.

So, I put the book down again and started looking for a big girl job.

It didn’t take me long to find my dream job, at the time. I submitted my resume, got in interview within a week, second interview the following week. And two weeks from then I had an offer; direct phone call from the VP of the company- for Assistant Buyer of day dresses in a junior fast fashion company. I immediate accepted and my soul was then filled again.

It’s been 9+ years and I haven’t written anything since. Now a lot has happened that’s led me to finally take the leap and commit to writing on my blog; but essentially I am finding myself at a crossroads again where my soul is not being fed. I, again, love my job, love my coworkers, love what I do- but I’m finding and learned it is not enough to fill my soul.

I’ve never thought of myself as being creative, I like to think I’m more naturally analytical and great with numbers- that sort of thing. But as I really dig deeper and evaluate my life I see that I do crave the creative also. I love DIY projects, photography, and writing; and think at 31 I finally realized and accepted that I do need more to fill my soul.

I landed on  writing a blog, for me, will fill that. It will allow me to express myself creatively, as well as share experiences, photography and elaborate on my travels.

It’s so easy to get stuck in the same routine you are in because it’s comfortable and “secure”.

As I continue to grow and gain life experience, I’m more eager to take risks and experience life to its fullest leaving no room for regrets or “should haves”.

I hope you enjoy! I’m really looking forward to this new adventure!


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