Would you like a [plastic] bag for the rest of your items?



My answer is NO!

I’ll start by saying I do not make grocery store trips often, especially to big chain grocery stores. I get two things from these big chains: coffee creamer and a probiotic my stomach can tolerate.

I found myself in need of going to the grocery store- as always, I brought my own canvas bag; and as always picked up too many things to fit in my bag.

I know I just said I only get two things from big chain grocery stores, but I saw that they actually had a very large section and assortment of locally grown, organic produce. I got inspired to get things to make a salad and snacks since I do most of my grocery shopping via delivery service and don’t usually see things right in front of me.

So I’m checking out, and even though I had placed my canvas bag in the conveyor belt, I had to ask the bagger to use my bag. Then, he loaded 3 items in the bag and asked if I would like [plastic] bags for the rest of my items. I’ll stop by saying my canvas bag while not huge, it’s generous in size. I’ve packed an entire 4 day holiday worth of clothes, shoes & toiletries in it in the past. The bag was nowhere near full with groceries.

Politely, I asked to please fill my bag completely and simply leave any additional items loose in the cart.

Then, the cashier proceeds to ask; “how many bags?”. I replied “none, thanks.” And she looked at the bagger for confirmation while sighing in annoyance.

I left the store in rage.

Why did I have to deny plastic bags three different times?!?!?!

Furthermore, this is exactly what the problem is! I’m not sure how, but many people are not in tune with the crisis we are facing with our environment. You then have cashiers and baggers in a grocery store that are also not aware or not giving the issue the importance they should, or big company leaders putting focus on the matter, and will end up giving out/wasting that many more plastic bags than they should.

Speaking with a close friend that frequents one of these big chain grocery stores; she confirmed and expressed her frustration every time she visits- always asked to take plastic bags and never a mention of paper bag options.

Unfortunately I don’t have a resolution or fix to this issue, but I did reach out to the grocery store chain on the matter and I’m eagerly awaiting their response and will try all media outlets to express my concern until I get a reply.

Stay tuned.



2 thoughts on “Would you like a [plastic] bag for the rest of your items?

  1. So my local grocery store knows me and knows I often forget my bag and NEVER buy plastic ones from them. I just leave it in the shopping cart and bag it in my car. Haha. The nice thing: MY GROCERY STORE KNOWS ME AND DOESN’T ASK ME anymore! I have to hand it to them for actually paying attention and acknowledging our conversations about why I don’t want/use plastic bags. ♥️

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    1. That’s great! To be fair, I don’t frequent this grocery store, but was surprised and frustrated by the amount of times I was asked if I wanted a plastic bag having refused it the first time. If we can all just make little consistent changes, we can make a big difference! Thanks for sharing your experience! ♥️


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