Aerial Arts

It’s been 2.5 years since I first started Aerial. I had been planning to write about it for quite some time but now that I actually am, I’m not sure where to start.

I guess I will start by saying I walked into my first aerial class with zero previous training of the sort, no flexibility, zero upper/core strength. Never in my life had I done ballet or gymnastics or was part of any dance team. In high school I was in the cheerleading team, but I went to a tiny high school where cheerleading (or any other sport) wasn’t taken seriously in any way shape or form. We were quite literally the worst team at cheer camp that spent the days playing in the pool while all the others practiced for the end of camp performance lol.

Since high school, I practiced a little bit of yoga every now and then but nothing consistent. For a very brief moment I tried getting into running. I loathe running! Sorry if you love to run, it’s nothing against it except for my body literally rejects it.

about 2 weeks in, proud moment

So fast forward to 2.5 years ago- I’m not sure where or how I learned about, or had seen flying yoga, but it looked sooooo cool. So one day I yelped flying yoga and turns out there is a studio quite literally 3 blocks from my house. They were also running a great yelp promotion. I called the studio, and they were running a second 2fer promotion that doubled my classes with the introductory rate. I called a friend and she agreed to go with me.

Well, accidentally we ended up at an advanced Silks class. The class wasn’t very busy, but we literally did not belong. The instructor tied a knot in the silk to make it a very low hammock and taught us how to invert on it. Other than that, we couldn’t do anything else but wanted to try more.

Attempting to sign up for flying yoga again, we ended up at Aerial Hammock for beginners- I was hooked!

most challenging pose to date!

I learned and was able to get in and out of the hammock, sit, and at the very end of class was finally was able to invert on it. But I knew I wanted to keep trying and maybe one day I could do one pretty pose in the air.

I blew through my first 10 classes rather quickly and without a question signed up for an unlimited yearly membership. I was going to classes 5 times a week, sometimes twice a day when my schedule allowed.

Truly, I had never had so much fun working out. It was a great stress reliever, and so rewarding when I was able to get the trick being taught in class. I cringe looking at my early videos now, but it is amazing to see my progress.

I can “cheat” into splits pretty good in the air

Almost a year ago, I did the teacher training program at my studio and started teaching; about 2 months ago I finished my student teaching training hours and I’m finally an official Aerial Instructor.

I grew up with very modest and strict [mom] parents. My mom wouldn’t allow me to join gymnastics because she literally worried that doing the splits would break my hymen (srsly?!). Dance wasn’t allowed because of the outfits and makeup. She was always concerned about my femininity/sexuality and ensuring it was kept under wraps. Believe me I pushed all the boundaries on all of this but it wasn’t until Aerial that I think I’m really appreciating my body as I should.

In aerial I found something that celebrates my femininity. I love all the beautiful shapes we make with our bodies; that feeling when I’m dancing in the air to a song I love. And I love how strong and confident I feel when I’m in the hammock. I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated my body, strength, physical and mental abilities more; and it’s a killer workout!

If you’ve thought about trying it or are even a bit curious, I highly, cannot recommend enough!


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