Long Hair, Do Care

My entire life, my hair has been a big part of who I am. I’ve always had long hair, except for that one time in junior high where I thought it would be a good idea to chop my frizzy, curly hair to shoulder length, aka a bob…lesson learned.

Overall, I’m blessed with my hair. Yes, naturally it is curly and frizzy but it’s also manageable. I usually only style my hair twice a week and I can get away with it not getting greasy or tangled in between washes while maintaining the style and texture.

Because I have resilient hair, and because I am hard headed, I have experimented with my hair far more than I should. I’ve definitely had my share of hair catastrophes, one being only 2 years ago! I’ll work on compiling these for a good laugh later.

For many years now, I get the Keratin treatment done on my hair about twice a year, which is amazing for me. It takes away all the frizz, overall flattens it quite a bit and makes my styling super easy. Even though my hair is long, I can have it completely styled and curled in under 10 minutes.

My last visit to my hairdresser I noticed he had a new treatment on the menu called Protein Fiber treatment. I asked about it and he said his wife raved about it and liked it more than the Keratin. So I went for it.


I should note that one of the main reasons I love the Keratin Treatment is that it sort of seals my hair. So even though it’s treated, the ends are sealed and silky until it completely washes off.

I had my hair ombred (is this a word?) last summer, and my ends were quite bleached, but I followed with Keratin Treatment and my hair continued silky smooth. The Protein Fiber treatment KILLED my ends. Well, I don’t know and can’t say for certain it was the Protein Fiber treatment that killed them, or simply exposed the damage that had been previously sealed or protected by the Keratin, but right after the first wash the split, fried ends were several inches long and with every wash crawling higher.

I went full panic mode. I was doing any and everything I could to help my hair. Pricey hair masks, Olaplex, deep conditioners, everything! Then it occurred to me, I’d used organic/natural hair masks in the past and did like them so I started researching and finding the ingredients several DIY masks had in common and I landed on this super simple one that literally saved my hair!


  • Raw Organic Honey
  • Virgin Olive Oil


Mix equal parts of Raw Organic Honey and Virgin Olive Oil; heat in microwave for 15-25 seconds or until desired, tolerable hot/warm temperature. Apply to hair from roots to ends, focusing on ends. Leave for 20-30 minutes then wash hair as normal.

You will not believe how silky smooth your hair will be after this mask. I really recommend it!


I tried adding a few other things from time to time like banana, avocado, egg, yogurt- not all at once, one or two of these at a time; but I didn’t like it as much. The banana was impossible to get out of my hair- you should have seen me days later still finding small banana pieces in my hair (facepalm). And overall I just felt the rest of these took away from the silkiness that the honey and olive oil did on their own.

I do this now about once a month- but it’s all natural so if you wanted you could do every day.

Let me know how it goes!


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