Meet my furbabies <3

Am I the only one obsessed with my fur babies?


I really have to monitor and keep myself in check on how much I talk about or want to write about my dogs because they are literally my everything #crazydoglady

The way they express their love and loyalty just melts me! They are such great companions and mood lifters! I’m so grateful to have them and experience all their love.

I currently have 2 pups and 1 on loan from the US Government. My husband is a K9 handler and that dog lives with us too, yay!

Meet my pups:

Bailey, 12
Pitbull/Shiva Inu Mix
My husband got Bailey 
from a family who had a farm in Northern California and couldn’t care for the puppies. I met Bailey when she was 2 and she was a fiesty, crazy girl. She’s always been very loving to humans; wants to cuddle all day and has no concern for who or what is her way because she will step on and lay on whatever she feels like. Bailey HATES all other living things lol. She only gets along with our two other dogs at home, and even that took a lot of work. She wants to be Queen B. She loves to sunbathe and car rides along with getting attention from mom & dad, other humans and Bear. Her favorite toy is any she can destroy.



Bear, 7
Golden Retriever Mix
This boy is my miracle baby. He was adopted as a 6 month old puppy from a local shelter and we were told he’d been adopted twice before and brought back and while we had 10 days to bring him back if it didn’t work out, we were his last shot or he would be put down; WHAT?! First of all, who returns a pet of any kind to a kill shelter?! Second, who would return such an amazing pup? Well evidently he had seizures as a puppy; right away we addressed this with our vet, he is on a low dose of seizure medication daily and thankfully has not had one since. He is the most loving dog! He rarely gets in trouble, loves to give lots of kisses, play with his ball, clean Bailey’s ears, and play with Hunter.



Hunter, 2
German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP)
Hunter is our dog on loan (until he retires, then we get to officially adopt him). There are many different things my husband has to do and handle because he is a working dog- like no play time at home, sleeps in a kennel, is only allowed to be walked and fed by my husband (his handler), etc. So when he was coming home, I was determined to keep a safe distance from him. Obviously I would still love him, but I wanted to protect myself from the fact that he is not my dog. Well, only a week in and this guy had me floored. While he has a ton of energy and I don’t get much time with him, he is so lovey, emotional, in tune with my feelings, and will give me kisses.
He has quite a busy schedule with work; gets two days off a week and he is like a machine on schedule. More than two days off and he’s anxious to get back to work.
He loves playing with Bear and Bailey and adores my husband. He’s our fur hero.



I could quite literally go on forever about my dogs as well as share thousands of pictures, so I’ll stop here with their intros but you will probably see quite a bit of them in the future.


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