Easy Eco Friendly Every Day Life Switches

Let’s go Green!

Or at least try our best to.

You all have been hearing the urgent calls for change in our lifestyle due to climate change and the huge negative impact all our [plastic] waste has caused on our planet. This conversation is heavy! So heavy I can’t spend too much time thinking or reading on this because it is seriously terrifying. So I will try and keep this brief and light as recently I’ve found some easy alternatives that can make a big difference!

I read a quote that said:

“The people who make the biggest difference are the ones who do the little things consistently.”

That really struck a cord with me, because for years I thought I was doing my part by using my reusable water bottle, placing items in recycling bin, switching to glass food containers, using reusable shopping bag or paper bags, and not littering; I also have already switched to plant based cleaners. I thought, well what else can I do? I’m not a big corporation or have a huge voice to get everyone to stop using plastic so what else?

While I am by no means perfect at all, and far from living a totally sustainable life, as I learn more about sustainability and being green I’m learning I can be doing so much more- and they aren’t astronomical changes that are unrealistic to adapt to from day to another, there are simple things we can do that if we do them consistently, will make a big difference.

Here are some little switches I’ve made while noticing little to no difference in the switch. Click on any of the images to shop for your own.

You should know that if you click and buy items from my image links below I will receive compensation for your purchase(s). But my reviews, thoughts, statements, and feedback on all my posts are always 100% genuine and honest. I will always let you know when something is sponsored and/or/if I am being compensated for any posts.

Trash Bags– switch to bags made from recycled materials and/or biodegradable

“If every household in the US replaced just one 20 pack of trash bags made with virgin plastic with 65% recycled we would save 195,000 barrels of oil- enough to heat and cool 11,200 homes in the US for a year!”

WOW! Such a simple switch with a huge impact!

These are the ones I switched to a few months ago, and have not noticed any kind of difference. Quality is great, size is great. No change to my use, other than they are better for our environment.

Dental Floss & Container– who would have thought all the plastic that is wasted on our dental floss containers! Or worse, if you use the dental floss picks…. so much wasted plastic! Try these:

Toothbrush– I actually have an electric toothbrush still, but when I’m under the weather I used to always get packs of “disposable” plastic toothbrushes so I could use and throw away daily to keep my germs away. Then I learned, hello it would be hundreds of years before each of these “disposable” toothbrushes can decompose. Facepalm! So now I stock bamboo brushes for when I’m under the weather. These come in all sorts of pack sizes, and great to have in case you have company and they forgot theirs!

Toilet Paper– I was a firm “must be Charmin toilet paper” kind of girl until I read Charmin is the worst offender in destroying our rain forest which increases our carbon dioxide levels. Well we also don’t want rough TP, and bamboo toilet paper can be so rough. But there are plenty of other alternatives! Give some of these a try! I’m currently favoring Green Forest.

Of course there are 100 other things we can do but I remember being surprised by some of these easy changes, like dental floss! So hope this inspired you to make some small, consistent changes too.


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