Weekend Getaway Ready

4th of July is already this week!

Can we believe we are halfway through 2019 already???

Anyway; it’s nice the holiday is on a Thursday this year and hope you were able to get Friday off as well to have a nice long four day weekend.


Whether you’re getting ready to leave town for the holiday weekend or planning local outings or BBQs with friends, getting ready for the festivities can be stressful while we are still working the first three days of the week, or days leading up to a getaway. We are often missing things from the, or several stores and have to coordinate our work hours with store hours. And if you’re a procastinator like myself, the days leading up to a holiday can almost make you want to cancel the whole thing and just relax like you were hoping to do on the getaway to begin with.

After many years of spending the days, or week, leading up to a getaway procastinating, stressed out, staying up very late at night trying to check things off the to do list, and starting the vacation in a bad mood; I’ve developed some habits that help me be prepared to start the vacation with good vibes only (oh yes I did).

First, Amazon (#notanad) has been such a lifesaver in getting ready for a holiday. As you know, if you’re a prime member, delivery is super fast, free and you can even have groceries delivered within 2 hours! Leading up to a trip, there are usually several packages waiting at my doorstep when I get home from work. The convenience of having items I need delivered takes so much stress off my shoulders as going shopping is literally one of my least favorite things. That combined with the fact that I work long hours and have a 1.5hr commute each way to work, leaves me with zero desire to be back in the car running errands. My only drawback here is all the extra packaging delivery services tend to have. As I aim to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable; I now wait to order everything I need once and request for my order to be sent in as little boxes as possible- so there is hopefully the one box with its packaging, vs. multiple. In grocery delivery, I’ve started adding in the notes “please no plastic bags for produce.” Getting better at sustainability is something I’m always working on but this is what I’ve come up with so far to keep using delivery services that are so helpful with my busy schedule.

Packing- this is something I would wait to do until literally the very late hours of the night before while still doing laundry for last minute things to pack. Not anymore! When planning a trip, I now start outfitting at least a full week before and aim to pack (things in my suitcase or weekend bag) the weekend before the trip. Before any of this, I make sure my laundry is all done so I can start with a clean canvas on my outfitting. I then add just my toiletries and skincare items the night before. To make sure I don’t forget anything, like my toothbrush or face wash, I make a to do list on my phone of all my last minute packing items so I can check them off before I close my bag and leave. This has relieved soooooo much stress and keeps me from overpacking!

Your home- there can be so much to coordinate here. Do the dogs need a sitter? Are they coming with us? If they are, we need to pack all their things. Take out the trash, pick up the dog poop, wash/change your bed sheets so you arrive to fresh ones, run the dishwasher/don’t leave dirty dishes…are we packing food? Pack the cooler. The list goes on and on and on and on.

While I haven’t quite mastered this I have come up with a few things that help in this area. If we are packing a cooler, I order the groceries and my husband is in charge of packing it. Again, we make a list here to make sure we don’t forget anything. How we decide what food to order and pack? same way I decide what outfits to pack; we meal plan, shop and pack accordingly.

If the dogs are staying, then we try to arrange for a sitter the second we know and start planning for our getaway. This is emotional for me and one of my top priorities. We are lucky my parents usually watch them so I leave with ease knowing they are in very good hands. We have had close friends watch them before, and while I still leave knowing they are in good hands a bit more planning goes into place but I try to coordinate with them to give them a key and give them all the specs well in advance in case there are any questions. My dogs are pretty easy but you know #crazydoglady

If the dogs are going, it’s not too hard, just need another packing list for their things. And the most important thing is Bear’s medicine. Beyond that, we can buy whatever we may have forgotten and don’t stress too much about it.

The rest of the house stuff like trash, dishes, etc- there is only so much you can do ahead of time. Things like trash and dishes will happen up to the moment you leave most likely. So as we are getting ready to walk out the door, we gather the trash and take it out. First thing I do when I get up on a day we are leaving is I change the sheets on the bed, so that is done and over with. Dishes, we aim to not have dirty dishes in the sink ever, but a glass happens from time to time- so the night before we make sure to run the dishwasher and clear any glass there might be in the sink and wash every dish or pan/pot as we use it to ensure there is nothing left dirty before we go. My husband will clean the yard the night before and the morning of again so that is left clean as well. 

And at the end of all these to dos, I focus on 3 things: my dogs, making sure I have underwear & my camera packed. If those three things are taken care of, then the rest can be replaced or arranged for and not affect my getaway. Find what your musts are- give those priority, and then work on checking everything else off your list with plenty of time to spare so you are not rushed or stressed right before you go.

my bags packed and ready for our 4th of July getaway

Hope everyone has a fun 4th of July and you start your holiday weekend already in relax mode!



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