DIY Furniture

This isn’t a post giving you plans to build your next DIY furniture- sorry if that’s what you were expecting.

I wanted to write about building furniture that fits for you, your space, your style, budget and reusing or re-purposing supplies and materials you would have otherwise thrown away.

It took a VERY long time to finally get my husband on board to help with building furniture for our home, but once we got started, it was like why did we spend so much money on previous furniture that we didn’t love and had to make work? Also gave me the confidence to build things myself without having to wait for his help!

It all started because I wanted a farmhouse style dining room table that I was going to glam up with tufted chairs and a beautiful center piece.

I spent days, hours, months, years looking for plans on how to make one; and to be honest didn’t really know which one was the best fit; all I knew is that I wanted one. Four years into me asking, begging, screaming and nagging for it, I finally got it! My husband built it with some help from his dad, and although they did reference two different plans for it, it turned out quite unique and I LOVE IT!


The “China” cabinet in the back used to be my husband’s bookshelf when he was a kid

During the building process, my husband would ask me things that I didn’t think mattered or I would have never thought about myself. For example, did I want the strips of wood to sit flush with each other? What width did I want each strip on the table top? Most plans called for a table that would seat 6 people- do we really want to spend time and energy custom building a table that only fits 6? Not to mention the stain color- so many choices; we actually ended up mixing 2 and loved the outcome!

When the table finally arrived in our home (took about a week to build and stain to dry); it was perfect! It fit our space, it was exactly what I wanted and I feel confident we will have this piece of furniture forever.

Since our dining room table we’ve now built an entertainment table, a picnic/outdoor table with benches, a side table, a pallet swing bed, and a shoe shelf.


completed picnic table with swing bed in the way back
only thing purchased here was stain, but I need a second one to fit the rest of them 😉

Most of these pieces were built from leftover wood from my in-laws’ home remodel. The most expensive thing in all these projects has been the stain and for the entertainment table some iron posts.

Building our own furniture has been a game changer. I look at furniture completely differently now- is it worth it? Does it fit in my space? Will I have & want it for a very long time? Can we build this ourselves?

Yes styles change, and our minds change; but even more reason to not spend money whether cheap or expensive furniture we won’t want later. I figure, if we are building it, there is an attachment to an extent and we are least likely to just dump it.


Building Tips

  • Look up several plans/styles of the piece you want to build. Keep the consistent pieces or instructions among them, and feel free to adjust the others to fit for you.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix stains or paints
  • If you’re looking for rustic looks, be careful with the sander
  • Be patient! Once you decide you are going to build something or start building it’s easy to get anxious and want or demand the piece get completed in a certain amount of time. Building and staining or painting [well] take time. Allow yourself at least a full week from start to finish on a building project (unless you’re working on this full time).
  • Take your time with measurements and making the correct cuts. Don’t get frustrated, and adjust to fit your space
  • Enjoy your new custom furniture piece!

I cannot tell you how many compliments we get on our DIY furniture pieces. They all end up with great character and an even better story. So don’t be afraid to give something a try!

If you are interested in plans of any of the furniture pictured feel free to leave a message and I can send what we based ours on.

Hope this has inspired you a bit! Get to building!



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