A Girl’s Must Have

This one is just for you ladies. You are going to want to keep this in your back pocket because unfortunately it happens to all of us at one point or another.

Yeast Infections.

UGH! So much ugh!

I remember vividly the first time I got one; I was 24 and terrified there was something really wrong with me. For whatever reason, I don’t get your typical symptoms- for me; it’s burning, raw skin type of feeling, dry, red, and uncomfortable (to say the least) AF!

Because I didn’t have the typical symptoms, I ran to my OBGYN- a swab test later I found it was “only” a yeast infection. Well that was a relief, but also, how do I make it stop immediately? I was prescribed the typical over the counter 7 day treatment.

My experience with it had been so awful, that immediately upon starting treatment I felt a big relief; however, the medication ended and all symptoms were not gone. And by day 3 of post treatment they were getting worse. I called my doctor again, and she then prescribed RX strength treatment along with an oral medication and this did clear up 22 days later…AAAAAAH!

I read up on all the ways I could keep healthier down there and how I could prevent this from ever happening again. Unfortunately, everything I found told me it would happen again. At the time I was having a bagel for breakfast every day, so I cut that out as excess ingestion in bread can be a big factor. I wasn’t sure if my bagel was to blame, but I did not want to experience that ever again, so out the bagel went! Other than that, it could have literally been anything that caused it, and the only other thing I could control was my hygiene, so I became obsessed and OCD about it.

Fast forward to almost 5 years later; I had my tonsils taken out (terrible experience) and had a number of complications and follow ups that lead to being on antibiotics for 65 days straight. The doctor did recommend to start a probiotic to counteract the medication, but I was in such misery with my tonsils I don’t think I tuned into that at the time. Almost to the end of my antibiotic treatment, here comes another yeast infection. Again my symptoms were not the common ones, it was almost identical to the first time so I knew what it was. I called by OBGYN and got the prescription treatment that did clear it- 10 days later.

After this, however, I seemed to be getting one every other month. Not nearly as severe, but frequently. My doctor had a standing order in my chart to just issue prescription for the medication should I call in with the symptoms. It was then, I started taking an oral probiotic daily- and to this day, I panic if I don’t have it.

Once I got my body/system back to normal after that long time with the antibiotic, I was clear again for quite some time. I didn’t get another one until over 2 years later. So I followed my drill; called my doctor, picked up my prescription and went on my merry way. Well this time, after the 10 days of treatment, I was ok for a couple of days then it seemed to want to come back. I called my doctor and she offered to call in another prescription and also issue the oral medication. I said yes; at the same time, I was sharing with my sister my frustration and she suggested essential oils to clear it.

Uh, you lost me.
I had been using and trusting in essential oils for a lot of things, but for this?!

She sent me the recipe which I skeptically looked over 100 times, and asked another 100 if it was really safe to insert that inside my vagina. She ASSURED me it was safe. Needing to do my own research, I went on Pinterest to look for “natural” remedies, and there was a very similar recipe and countless other women swearing by it. Not to mention, these are all clean, organic ingredients, so why was I so skeptical?
Needless to say, I gave it a try.

Instead of picking up my prescription, I followed the recipe and within 2 treatments I was clear! Had never felt better and healthier down there! And the treatment itself, so soothing to the symptoms! I went ahead and did a third dose just for safe measure, but I was feeling, clean, clear & great! And the recipe was sooooo simple! Here it is:



  1. 1 Teaspoon Virgin Coconut Oil
  2. 5 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil
  3. 5 Drops of Melaluca Essential Oil

Mix in a glass container. Freeze for a few minutes. Insert, and you will instantly feel relief. You will want to mold the mixture into a shape that easily able to be inserted.
I applied twice the first day, and one more time the second day. 

Now, I’ll stop to say I am not pushing essential oils here- simply, this really worked for me!
The only thing I will say about the essential oils is make sure they are the highest grade available as you are inserting in your body and they are coming in direct contact with your skin.

Also worth noting, coconut oil in general is great for us for so many things! It’s antibacterial, helps with PH balancing, it’s nourishing….. so many benefits. Sometimes, I add coconut oil when I first get out of the shower to my lady parts, just like I do lotion to the rest of my body, just for its benefits.

I haven’t quite kept log of infection(s) since, but I can tell you it’s probably been only two other times, if that, once for sure; and I used the same organic/natural remedy and clear in two doses.

I hope you don’t have to pull this one out soon, but if/when you’re in need, give it a try- you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the instant relief and quick clear up!


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