18 Hours in Las Vegas

Well…. at least Vegas is only a 44 minute flight from LA.

At a work happy hour, it was brought up that one of the buyers had never seen our boss in “Vegas Mode”. I had one of the best party animals as a boss at my previous employer, and I did get to travel with her to Vegas quite several times (at least twice a year) and even though we were working like crazy during the day, as soon as the work day was over, we were working the party scene at night. Most work trips consisted of at least 20 vendor appointments and over 7 miles in steps, followed by a recap with cocktails, dinner with lots more cocktails, and bottle service at the latest club on the strip. Heading back to the room around 4-5am with just enough time for a quick cat nap and shower before our breakfast meeting.

We had great times no doubt.


So, at this happy hour, everyone got all excited and started planning for this quick, overnight Vegas trip. For me, it was one of those things that feels like a great idea at the time, but as time approached I was like what was I thinking agreeing to this? Especially considering the fact that I had previous commitments to be out of town Friday-Sunday for my father in law’s birthday in Paso Robles (wine tasting for 2 days straight), and would have to drive 3 hours from Paso to LA to catch the flight to Vegas (for another day of drinking and partying).

Up until the day before, I considered bailing on the trip. I’ve been putting a lot of focus on my own self care and going to Vegas after already being away for 2 days just didn’t seem like something I really wanted to do. But I knew, if I flaked, I’d have serious FOMO the entire time and especially because those work trips with this crew are over for good. So I kept my plans; woke up at 6am on Sunday, drove straight to LAX and headed to Las Vegas.

Flight was easy, it usually is. Arrived at the hotel, changed into my swimsuit and met the rest of the crew at the pool. I was actually looking forward to pool hanging the most because I love swimsuits, sunshine and water πŸ™‚
However, I had gotten my period the day before and was feeling insanely bloated. I sucked it up and made the best of it.
We ordered quite a few founds of drinks at the pool, spent some nice quality time catching up with everyone- got to find out everyone’s life updates since we’ve last saw each other (which for many of us had only been 3 weeks- but when you’re used to spending most of your day, every day with a group of people, 3 weeks did seem like a lifetime had gone by).

BLVD Pool at Cosmo

After the pool we all headed to our rooms to get ready for the night. We had dinner reservations at Catch in Aria- food was quite good and did not disappoint, although I’m partial to Beauty & Essex as my favorite meal on the strip.

At dinner we decided we would split up as we had friends at the Omni bottle service some of us wanted to see. The other half went to our arranged table at Kaos. The Omni was hosting latin night, and when I say latin night, I mean LATIN! It wasn’t Pitbull or regueton I could dance to, but, they did have a bottle of Don Julio 1942 that I thoroughly enjoyed. We only spent about an hour or so here before heading over to Kaos to meet the rest of our group. Kaos was hosting “night swim” so we were wayyyyy overdressed lol. but it was nice to take off our shoes and dip our feet in the water while dancing. For after hours we went to Drais (oh Drais, so many memories)- and the music was lit! Such a great mix for dancing! We danced quite until quite literally sunrise.

KAOS Night Swim Party

Because I wanted to get in and out of Vegas asap- I booked myself on a return flight at 11am- so I had about 3.5 hours to get back to the room, wash my face, change, pack and head to the airport. Maybe not the best move, but I was happy to arrive home early in the day, have a hearty lunch and rest the rest of the day and night before a busy day the next day.

All in all the trip was fun. I was happy to see and hang out with my work crew, and I do really love desert heat. BUT! I will say overall I wasn’t feeling the trip… I felt out of sorts in a way. Again, I was bloated so I know that played a part, but I also felt like wtf am I doing here for less than 24hrs? All this partying- is it really worth it? I don’t want to feel like shit tomorrow… I’ve been working really at the studio and incorporating a ton of ab workouts into my classes because I want to feel great for my upcoming bday and overall, I just feel so much better when I practice a healthy lifestyle. that’s not to say I’m opposed to ever partying in Vegas again, but it just felt like, did I really need to do this following 2 days of heavy wine tasting?

View from High Roller

So, would I recommend a turnaround Vegas trip? Yes, but under the right circumstances. How old are you? What are your responsibilities and obligations the days leading up to and following this potential trip? And most importantly, are you in the right mind set? Being in the right mind set and committed to partying is soooo key for me. If I make up my mind, I’m raging (also let me clarify, I’m not doing heavy drugs, but do enjoy cocktails) and can do so for a couple of days straight while keeping the party going. But this trip more than ever, I realized my priorities are a bit different. Yes, I’m always up for a good Vegas trip, but these weren’t the right circumstances for me.

Now, let me tell you about my ideal Day/Night in Vegas:

  • Pool Day (weather pool party or laxed pool day)
  • Cocktails in the room while getting ready for the evening
  • High Roller to start the evening at tail end of sunset to see all the pretty lights
  • Dinner at Beauty & Essex
  • A good show
  • Bottle Service at a club where the music is on point to dance all night
  • Sleep until noon, get a Bloody Mary and head home
Chandelier Bar at Cosmo

Here are some of my favorite things in Vegas:

Where to Stay

  • The Cosmopolitan– my favorite spot. Very central, great restaurants, Chandelier Bar, Marque
  • Wynn or Encore (both great)- beautiful hotels, good beach club
  • Planet Hollywood– across the street from Cosmo/great location, more budget friendly, very clean, nice, lots of shopping including Sephora and DryBar

Where to Eat

  • Beauty & Essex– my absolute favorite restaurant. They are set up tapas style so you can taste a lot of everything. It’s super chic with great cocktails as well. It’s hard to pick a favorite item here, but currently favoring the Street Corn Raviolis
  • Giada– delicious Italian cuisine with just as delicious cocktails. Bonus: there is a cute Photo Booth outside so take some pics. You get digital as well as print out copies for free.
  • Catch– everything I tried here was delicious. It is also set up tapas style and portions are quite small so may need two of an item depending on the size of your party. But great for seafood and sushi.
  • China Poblano– asian/mexican fusion. Very tasty but my favorite here is the salt foam margaritas! You can go to just to the bar and order one if you don’t want to dine here, they are worth it!
  • Firefly– this is off the strip. Discovered it during my work trips as it’s close to the convention center. It is Spanish tapas style restaurant so some items have a bit of spice, but delicious. Also, their mojitos are great!
  • Eggslut– also in the Cosmo, great for a quick breakfast; although when I say quick, I mean it’s not a sit down place but lines here get pretty long. We usually assigned one of us to wake up early, stand in line and get our orders. You can also Postmate it- it’s that good!
  • Citizens– this spot is great for lunch or a snack. Portions are pretty big so makes it easy to share if you’re into that. They have my favorite Bloody Mary around. I get the regular (without the food items in it) and sub tequila.

Beach Club

  • Marque
  • Encore Beach Club

Day Pool

  • Almost any is great! I frequent BLVD at Cosmo & Mandalay Bay

For a Girls Trip

  • Thunder Down Under
  • OGs (check on what night has the male strippers, so funny!)
  • Any Cirque du Soleil or a good concert


That’s all I have for Las Vegas guys. Tell me about your next trip or some of your favorite things to do there!



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