Clean & Safe Feminine Products that are not the Menstrual Cup

I want to take a moment and not talk, but RAVE about a new product and company I found.

Being a girl is not easy. Our bodies are so amazing, and just as equally complex. There is an array of things that happen to women on a regular basis that we have to work around. Not to mention, that time of the month.

Periods come in all sizes and shapes. I know girls that never get a period (ummm that’s not fair), others that are extremely light, my sister gets hers every 25 days (why so soon?), some last three days (must be nice); and then there’s me, pretty regular and extremely heavy that lasts 7 days. And did I mention, horrendous cramps that have made me simultaneously get sick while passing out?

Since my very first one, I’ve had the same experience. The only thing that ever changed is that I used to get it every 35 days, now I get it every 28-30 (lucky me). During my period week, plans are always touch and go. My cramps and heaviness will determine anything I am actually able to do. Growing up, having accidents and stains on my bed or clothes was a given during my period. As I’ve gotten older and with more experience and knowledge on my body, I am able to much better prepare for it. Ibprofen, tampons and pads are always in my purse just in case. But even simple things like a my commute to and from work require extra attention during the first two days- it’s common during these days for me to change my tampon or pad every hour or even a bit sooner than that. Often, to avoid any accidents during the first days, I will wear a tampon and a pad simultaneously if I know I won’t have access to a bathroom for the next hour. ugh!

Can you imagine how many pads, tampons and panty liners I’ve used over the years?


I’ve mentioned a few times I’m in constant search of all and anything eco friendly and eco conscious. But why hadn’t this crossed my mind in terms of feminine products before?! Well to be honest it had, but just a little. Whenever researching or reading about being sustainable in regards to feminine products the only thing that comes up time and time again is the menstrual cup; so I guess I assumed that was the only alternative and not for me. Based on my experience with different things in the area, I don’t think the menstrual cup is something my body will respond well to. If this works for you, that’s amazing as it’s truly the most sustainable option.

So, just two weeks ago, my friend was telling me she overbought some feminine products she wouldn’t be needing and dropped them off for me to try. She said they were a clean brand and I would love them. Ummm ok, hand them over and I’ll give them a try. Last week my period came and I started my first day using my normal products. The next day I remembered about the packages my friend had dropped off and I gave them a go.
O M G!!! Nothing I have ever tried before has been like this. The pads: they keep you dry, there is no stickiness anywhere, it is like you are just wearing underwear; and they are great absorbents, that keep you from having any accidents. The tampons: the applicators is BPA free, and again, the tampon itself is so incredibly light, soft and comfortable.


The brand is L. and they carry tampons, pads and panty liners- each available in two sizes. The company and products were developed by women, they do not use any harmful products or ingredients like rayon, chorine, bleaching or synthetic pesticides; they are a certified B Corp which means they are dedicated to helping the environment and sourcing sustainable materials as well as providing better quality of work for their employees. And if this wasn’t enough, every purchase helps support women as agents of change. For every L. purchase, one feminine product is given to someone in need of it. The packaging is made from recycled plastic and they note cute affirmations all over their products like: “regular but not basic”, “here’s to strong women”, “thanks for helping a girl out”. And the packaging, so cute! You can read all about this and more on their company site.

Not only and I beyond satisfied with their products, but the more I learn about this amazing company the more I’m obsessed with supporting their mission I am.

My friend that gave these to me said “these tampons are made by women! Who made Always? I bet it was a man”. I looked this up and guess what, 2 males founded this company! While Always has not been my brand of choice as of recently, I did use them for a long time and they are a leading feminine product brand. But most importantly, why haven’t we (or maybe it was just me) tuned into the fact that leaders or founders of these feminine products have not been females? I’m not saying a male cannot create something for a woman or vice versa- but I do think there is a lot to be said of women creating a product that only women can fully appreciate because well, men simply do not have vaginas and do not get periods. So as much as they can attempt to trial the product, they will never fully grasp or be able to appreciate its capabilities.

this image was taken from L. official IG @lovebeginswithL

As a woman, I cannot recommend you give these tampons and pads a try. Whether you have very light easy periods or very heavy long ones like me, these products not only work, but they are clean and safe to use! And here is where you can buy them



Let me know how much you love them!


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