How I Use Essential Oils

Essential oils, they are everywhere!

I have to admit I was quite skeptical when my sister first introduced these to our lives, but once I got started I was hooked and using them for EVERYTHING! Now, this was an expensive new routine and as the excitement of something new wore out, I feel I have settled into a more balanced and realistic way of using the oils so I want to share with how I use them now.

I’ve been using essential oils now for four years. The first two oils I ever used were Lavender and Wild Orange- both have a ton of great properties, but I chose them due to their calming benefits and aid with anxiety and stress. My mom loves lavender, I have to admit I don’t feel the same. It’s fine, but I don’t love it or feel the calmness she does when using it. Although lavender is still a staple in my EO stash and use it for several things, it’s not necessarily for stress or anxiety on its own. I always found wild orange has always worked really well for me in calming anxiety and stress.

Now, how I really got hooked on essential oils.


It was winter and I had gotten a terrible cold/strep throat combo that was going on over two weeks. My mom kept pushing peppermint EO to help sooth my throat and clear infection, and I kept saying no thanks. I was approaching week three of feeling terrible with very little if any improvement, when I finally called her and said “ok, bring the peppermint, I’ll try anything!” She quickly came over and brought peppermint EO- added two drops to about three ounces of water and had me drink it. She asked me to dab some on my nose, throat and behind my ears. Then, dab the back of throat as far as I could reach with my fingers. Finally, she added a peppermint, lavender, lemon, and breathe blend to my diffuser and went about her way. By that evening I was a new person. Not back to normal, but over a 50% improvement in my symptoms. I could not believe! I continued to do this (except the drinking and dabbing my throat bc I literally HATE that- the peppermint is VERY strong and unpleasant) for the next couple of days as I got better.

Now I really believed in essential oils and was eager to learn more about them and how I could incorporate them in my life.

So like I said before, initially after this encounter with peppermint, I went kind of crazy and ordered a ton of essential oils and was using them in a lot of different things. As I’ve settled- this is how I use them now and don’t see why I’d ever look back.

  • DIY Deodorant– you can find my recipe here, so easy and works amazing!
  • Allergies– I blend Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon essential oils into a roller and carry with me everywhere! Some people like to add fractional coconut oil to this blend but I prefer not to as it dilutes the formula and don’t feel it works as well. As I’ve gotten older, my allergies act up more often and suddenly. I’ve learned my triggers like seasonal changes obviously, but recently also being in air conditioned spaces with no fresh air flow. So I carry my roller and simply roll onto my throat, behind my hears and a tiny bit under my nose; works like a charm!
  • Headaches– there is a blend my sister, or you can look up everyone talks about for headaches, but the simple Peppermint works for me. I dab a bit onto my temples and between my eyes and and 9/10 times I’m headache free within a few minutes.
  • Muscle Aches– there is a special blend for this too, but I use Peppermint! simply rub the area and I get instant relief!
  • Indigestion or Stomach Aches– I use Digest-Zen for this. You can ingest a few drops of this and my mom, dad and sister claim wonders; but I simply add two drops in my belly button and rub the stomach area that aches or cramps and again, within a few minutes I’m all better.
  • Sleeping/Calming Aid– there is this amazing blend I read about a while back nicknamed “liquid Xanax”. I diffuse Serenity, Balance & Vetiver and if I’m feeling extra anxious or stressed I add a tiny bit of this blend to my wrists so I can sniff/inhale in deep breaths as I am in bed. This blend is my go to if I’m particularly stressed or having trouble sleeping.
  • Immune Support– there are two things I do here; daily I use OnGuard blend and rub on my spine before bedtime. If I’m feeling my immune system might be particularly compromised, then I use a blend of five different essential oils into a veggie cap and take that 2-3 times a day.
  • Yeast Infections– you can find my super simple recipe here. I was amazed at how well this worked after just one application!
  • Eyelash Growth & Fullness– yep! I add a few drops of Lavender to my mascara and boom!
  • Bug Bites– just a dab of Lavender will relieve pain or itch.
  • Cleaning & Air Freshener Sprays– I make my own Disinfectant, Air Freshener, and Multi-Surface cleaner. These are incredibly easy to make! just a few drops of essential oils in water. for the Multi-Surface cleaner I use the OnGuard concentrate. Not only do these work great, but they are natural and eco friendly!

As I was making this list I realize I use them on a daily/regular basis a lot more than I thought. And I do use them for other things, like last summer we had a terrible mosquito problem in LA so I researched and used EO to combat them in and outdoors and it worked! I’ve also used them on my pups for different things like flea/tick repellent, or their anxiety. And I’ll diffuse different blends when I’m working or need to feel more alert type of thing. But the list above is what I am actually consistent with and will not replace or substitute with a store bought product.


Pro Tip: don’t spend your money on big EO brand diffusers, there are great options you can find on Amazon or even Home Goods/Marshalls. Look up some reviews and get yourself one that is reasonably priced.

Now let’s talk briefly about the quality of your essential oils. I am not trying to sell you on any brand, but I will say this: you MUST do your proper research when using essential oils. If they are touching your skin or you are ingesting them, make sure they are SAFE to do so!!! I cannot stress that enough. Store bought essential oils are NOT for ingesting or applying directly onto your skin, so please don’t! Same applies to pets, so please do your research.


Not every essential oil recipe or remedy you try will work for you, but if you can find what works in your routine and life, they are a great all natural and eco friendly alternative for many things and I think that’s my favorite part about them. I’d love to hear how you use your essential oils!



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