Travel & Coronavirus

I am having a serious case of cabin fever.

I have contradicting personalities in that I love to dress up and go out, but also have a pretty antisocial nature. I am completely happy sitting at home all weekend with my dogs, enjoying a nice gourmet meal where I don’t have put in energy to what I’m wearing or doing my make up and having small talk with strangers. Where at the same time, I crave social interaction, and I LOVE a good outfit with high heels. So yeah…

Every winter I get a huge itch to run off to Hawaii for some sunshine and warm beaches. I live in Southern California so technically our winters aren’t that brutal, like say Chicago or Canada- but none the less I get extremely worn out mentally and physically when the weather is cold and/or gloomy. By January, I’m on angst to get away. And for the last several years, we’ve gotten away late January or sometime in February with another trip planned in the spring.

For a number of reasons, one being I left my corporate job last June, we don’t have any vacations on the books as of yet as we are trying to be very responsible and cautious with our finances as we adjust to our new income.

The beginning of the year was quite rough- I lost two grandparents five days apart. My husband came down with a terrible cold twice, and he and his partner (our working dog, Hunter) were due for yearly evaluations at work. Overall it was a very stressful and emotional January.

With that, we began discussing a possible getaway; Hawaii. For the most part we use miles to book flights and rates looked really good. But also, we were waiting to hear from my friend that wanted to have her baby christened there in July. So, given our financial adjustment, going to Hawaii twice just a few months apart didn’t seem like the most responsible thing to do. We were looking into other places, even somewhere easy like Mexico- but I wasn’t feeling super inspired by anywhere. Also, because we’ve adjusted our income, being realistic, I wanted to make sure whatever trip we took was something and somewhere we really wanted to go.

And then came the coronavirus…

Initially I was the very first one to my friends, family, students at the studio, even on my social media; urging everyone to simply practice common and responsible habits like washing their hands, staying home when sick, etc. But late last week as the cases in California continue to rise and knowing how big of a hub Los Angeles is for international travel- I started to sing a different tune.

It is obvious a lot more people than we know are infected, not just in California but around the world. Truth is, not everyone is being tested and tests aren’t even that readily available, even for big hospitals. I have several friends and acquaintances that work for big hospitals in the area and none have access to tests. Furthermore, my husband was just very sick, with a respiratory infection- because he works at the airport, he went to the doctor right away and they simply sent him home telling him it was unlikely he was positive for coronavirus. While he works at the airport, no he is not in direct physical contact with incoming passengers, but it is the airport no less- where several cases have been confirmed, including two medical screener employees. Furthermore, because of my connections with big hospitals in the area, I’m privy to direct information from the CDC- which last week included a report on an individual that tested positive for coronavirus and was advised to stay home and decided to go to a concert anyway now possibly affecting thousands of other concert goers.

Now my worry is this- while I know I am washing my hands, avoiding touching my face, disinfecting surfaces, etc; I do not trust others to do the same. And what’s worse, many who are positive for the virus have very mild symptoms, so they are going about their business and likely spreading it all around them unknowingly.

And almost no need to mention how dirty planes are.

So is travel really worth it at this time?

I feel like my head says no. Wait this out. Avoid crowds, social events, take vitamins, focus on building your immune system and later when it’s right you can travel. But my heart/emotions say, “you gotta get away! you need a break!”


These are less than pleasant circumstances guys and it looks like I’ll be staying put for while going through my past travel photos…so I will leave you with my short PSA:

  • wash your hands often with warm water
  • carry hand sanitizer with you
  • avoid touching your face, especially nose and mouth
  • do not shake hands
  • in general, avoid large public areas
  • if you are under the weather stay home
  • if you have a fever, seek medical attention
  • take something for immune support

For more information on the virus, check with the CDC for updates.

Also, if you want to learn more about what some airlines are doing to keep passengers safe, visit their website. I’ve gotten direct updates from Delta & Alaska on their new procedures.

Stay informed, and stay healthy!


2 thoughts on “Travel & Coronavirus

  1. Funny that this entire post resonates so well with me, haha. I myself just wrote a piece on how this pandemic that might change the way we all travel in the future would personally impact my motivation to go about in life since seeing the world more often is my ultimate goal. Anw, hi from a new follower!

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  2. It’s funny how things work- one of my New Years resolutions was to be more social, and here I am almost 6 months in! Only dreaming of traveling again 🀍


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