Date Ideas: Quarantine Edit

So we are all stuck at home… some of us are stuck with our significant other and you may be wondering, how many times can we cook dinner, open a bottle of wine and call it date night? Well, there’s a lot more you can do with your partner to keep you both engaged, away from your phones or tv, and have fun!

There are all sorts of funny memes about couples not being able to stand each other being stuck at home 24/7, but I have to admit, I love having my husband around. First, we do like each other and enjoy each other’s company; but I also think it has a lot to do with the fact that for many years our schedules were completely opposite- we got so little time together.

Having said that, there is certainly more opportunity for buttons to be pushed when you’re together 24/7 and not on vacation. But something I’ve always practiced in my marriage is independence. What I mean is, we are still individuals with different wants/needs and it’s important to respect that of each other without feeling guilt.


BUT when it is time to entertain each other; here are some of the things we like to do:

  • The Traditional– cook dinner together and enjoy a class of wine or cocktail. We love doing this in general; sometimes it’s a nice/fancy dinner like seafood pasta, others make your own pizza- sometimes we dress up, sometimes we are wearing pjs. Pro tip: pick a topic to discuss or share ideas about while you are cooking/prepping your meal to keep you engaged during actual dinner. Keep your phones away, in the other room and play some tunes.
  • Build Something– or work on a project together. We recently did a small update to our backyard. We build a bigger swing bed, got a new chair hammock (our original hammock from Mexico ripped just last week), added some plants to our planter and organized our shed.
  • Tasting– we love to do wine tastings, at wineries and at home! But you can do this with anything; chocolate, cupcakes, cookies, cheese, sauces, options are endless! Pro tip: set two of these up so that the tasting is blind for one of you.
  • Workout Together– I know sounds cliche, but working out with a buddy really does work in keeping you motivated! Plus, a little competition is fun!
  • Play Games– not video games, although that’s an option too, but what I’m referring to are board or card games. Some of our favorites are; UNO & Trivia (different versions of this).
  • Massages– make your room or living room spa & zen AF with some scented candles, essential oils, mediation music, dim the lights and exchange massages. Of course, I prefer full body massages, but even a hand or foot massage are amazing!
  • Get Some Sunshine– quarantine style of course. Get your face mask on and take a walk around your neighborhood, spend time in your backyard- we love setting up a charcuterie board and hanging outside; or even sit next to an open window where the rays are coming in. Sunshine is life!
  • Movie Trilogy– we just started [re]watching the Bond movies with Daniel Craig, one more to go!
  • Binge Watch a Show– so what’s different here than what we already do? Well make sure you find a show that you are both genuinely interested in. One that won’t have you multitasking while it’s on. Keep your phones away, watch a few episodes, then discuss over dinner or cocktails!
  • Self Timer Photo Shoot– this is probably less fun for my husband than it is for me, but he amuses me and we have fun. Sometimes it’s acrobatic poses I’ve been wanting to try, or just cute family photos of us and the dogs.
  • Plan Your Future or Vacation– yes we are isolated at home now, but one day we will not be. My husband and I love traveling and we were hoping to have a few trips this year, so it’s fun to discuss and narrow in on where we want to go next and what we want to do. We are narrowing down on a place and starting to look up places to stay and things to do. Plus, having something to look forward to, even though we don’t have the date, keeps us motivated and excited for the future.
  • Reminisce On a Fun Memory– we recently did this discussing our trip to Europe 3 years ago, all the things we did, things we missed, things we’d like to do again, and what we’d like to do next time.

And there you have it! Happy at home dating πŸ™‚


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