My Sephora Spring Sale Picks

If you’re into makeup and skincare, you know about Sephora and likely a Beauty Insider; which means you have access to their Spring sale. If you are not a Beauty Insider and are into makeup/skincare; sign up now! It’s free and you  get two big sale events a year where the discount applies on everything!


Skincare and makeup rarely go on sale- it’s usually only when a certain item is being discontinued or a makeup shade/color is seasonal; so when this sale comes on, I make sure to stock up on my skincare. And Sephora really lets you take this discount off EVERYTHING they carry! This is how I got my Dyson Airwrap last year. It’s big savings!

I will briefly note, these are not ideal times for most of us. Many of us have lost jobs, and/or there is a lot of financial uncertainty. Don’t feel obligated in any way to shop any of the sales going on. Or to buy/try any products I’m suggesting if they do not fit into your budget.
Also, as a disclaimer, I get no benefit whether monetary or otherwise if you purchase from links below. These are truly staples on my skincare routine.

So, my picks! Click on any of the images to shop!


Drunk Elephant Baby Facial- it’s like a baby/mini chemical peel. I only use this about once a month or so, but leaves my skin feeling like baby skin!
Herbivore Blue Tansy- I suffer from acne prone skin, and this facial is great at helping clear blemishes and evening skin tone. My skin soaks this up!
Sunday Riley Saturn Sulfur Mask- this is great for spot treatment on blemishes. I will apply at night and next morning they are almost all clear and flat


Herbivore Jasmine Green Tea- I’ve never been a fan of toner until I found this one. It’s difficult to explain, but my skin just loves it and this leaves it feeling it refreshed and bright. 

I’ll switch over and talk about brands.


I found Biossance almost two years ago as I was looking for clean beauty skincare. I did quite a bit of research and read a ton of customer reviews and tried a few of their products. I loved them and still do! The line is noncomedogenic, which is a must for me with my acne prone skin. They have clean ingredients and use 100% plant derived Squalane. Overall this is a great, clean brand that is better for you and better for the planet and just announced they are officially carbon neutral!
And aside from all this; their products really work! My skin loves them!
I’m currently using several Biossance products, but here are my musts from Biossance:

Squalane Marine Algae Eye Cream- I’ve tried and also liked other eye creams like Drunk Elephant or Youth to the People- but I find Biossance’s eye cream gives me the best results and reasonable price point. Love this stuff!
Squalane Lactic Acid Resurfacing Night Serum- I just started using this about three weeks ago, and so far I love it. I can already see a big improvement on my skin’s texture.
Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil- this was my first Biossance purchase and I immediately loved it. I use only at night as my last step and really locks in moisture plus gives me this beautiful glow.
Rose Vegan Lip Balm- this lip balm was released not long ago but I knew immediately I wanted to try it. I love it, it’s very moisturizing and keeps my lips feeling very soft and nourished


Tatcha has a bit of a higher price point which had kept me away from the brand a bit. Tatcha is also a clean beauty brand that adhere’s to Japan’s Safety and Purity standard which is one of the biggest in the world. And they are an amazing company at giving back; every purchase supports students around the world.
So, when Sephora had some trial sizes available for rewards, I was excited to finally try the brand. I’m currently only using these, but I have a feeling that the more Tatcha I try, the more they will become a must have.

Water Cream- I first tried this as a sample and my skin fell in love with it! this is a great every day moisturizer and helps minimize appearance of my pores; absolute must have!
Luminous Dewy Skin Night Concentrate- I just tried this for the first time three months ago, but upon first application, I knew my skin loved it. It feels dewy and immediately brings radiance to my skin. I wake up with very soft hydrated skin. Love love love!
The Liquid Silk Canvas- this is a new product for Tatcha; it’s an updated primer to a solid version they already have. I love this for my skin as it minimizes appearance of my pores and love how my skin looks and holds make up after applying this.


I have to admit I was a bit hesitant of trying this brand because it had a lot of celebrity buzz so I was skeptical as to whether it actually worked or they simply had a lot of marketing behind it. My friend got a sample size, she tried it and didn’t like it so gave it to me to try. It sat in my skincare drawer for months before I tried it until my favorite beauty blogger Andreea Ali mentioned she used this as an eye mask because it was so nourishing. I tried it and changed my life, haha.

Jet Lag Mask- I use this daily morning and night on my under eyes. At night, I apply a thick layer and use as an overnight cream. For day, I use a light layer as eye primer. Works amazing and will last you a very long time if you’re only using under your eyes. 


NARS TINED MOISTURIZER- this has SPF, great color range and it’s noncomedogenic
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer- overall works really well and has a nice radiant finish
NARS Liquid Blush- very versatile blush for every day
MARC JACOBS O!Mega Bronzer- you will not a new bronzer for a very long time. Beautiful finish and bronze on my skin

And there you have it! Sephora obviously has a ton you can shop for, but wanted to keep it to those items that I consider necessities in my skincare regimen. If I had to pick just two products, they’d be Tatcha Water Cream and Biossance Squalane Marine Algae Eye Cream because they can be used day and night and work amazing!

Let me know what you use & what you try!


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