I took a long break from posting anything in efforts to gather my thoughts and find the right words to say in response to what’s going on in the world.

Truth is I still don’t feel I have the right words, not sure they exist or I’ll be able to come up with anything better than “WTF is wrong with people?!” And as I say that, I immediately recognize my privilege.

I’m a second generation Latin American. Although my nuclear family is very much proud and practicing of many Mexican customs and traditions, and the differences between my family and that of my Caucasian friends is very obvious, I haven’t ever felt like I or my family fits that stereotypical Mexican family. I have quite a bit of family still in Mexico, from all sorts of age groups, and my entire life, I never felt like I fit in with them or my family was like them. When visiting my family in Mexico they often make fun of the way I speak Spanish (or get stuck trying to do so), and even jokingly have been told many time to “go back” to my country (USA).

At home, I can’t say I’ve experienced the same kind of backlash for being Mexican or not being white- but that’s not to say I haven’t experienced any at all.

I’m fortunate to live and have  grown up in a very diverse place in the country where there are just as many Mexicans as there are Blacks, Whites, Asians, and every other color in the rainbow. And that’s just the way life has been for me. Privileged.

My best friend is Black, and I think we both have suffered from colorblindness- or chose to be colorblind for many years growing up. And it wasn’t with ill intent, but again, I think where we grew up allowed us to do so, because for the most part, we were all treated equal and surrounded ourselves with like minded people. And while my friend began making a big change in her way of thinking in terms of wanting her skin color to be recognized and seen for what it is for several years now, for me it wasn’t until the current president went into office that I began to feel the same.

However, over the weeks following George Floyd’s tragic murder, and the countless others coming to light, or I’m learning about, I see things and all those minor or funny discriminatory or racists comments/experiences completely different. To quote my friend; I am “woke AF”.

Suddenly, those jokes aren’t funny. I realize my contribution to the problem in laughing or enabling of certain comments or situations even if for the sake of not wanting to further engage with that individual.

I see people around me differently. Not all, but some- and I’m no longer willing to stand by and let them be or enable their behavior. I’m feeling an overwhelming sense of thirst for knowledge  about Black history, how to help, be a better ally. I’m feeling a big sense of responsibility in educating my husband (who’s Caucasian) on his privilege and how he can better be an advocate for minorities.

I’m saddened and in disbelief of all this hate.

I’m angry and pist off at the lack of leadership.

I’m disappointed at the current state of our country and the big number of fellow Americans that feel this hate towards others based solely on the color of their skin. I’m disappointed we as people have elected a president who’s mission is not to unite us, but separate us and encourage hate, discrimination, and violence.

In this moment working on creative pics or social content is so insignificant. We need big changes in our system- BIG changes in our country. I want to live in a country I am proud of again. I don’t want children to continue to learn hate. I don’t want adults to continue and spread hate.

With that, I’m no longer tolerating hateful behavior or words from anyone. And I will say flat out, if you are a Trump supporter, you are not my people. I will never understand or respect your continued support for such a toxic person that has time and time again let our country and people down. So do us both a favor and see yourself out of my life.

I took a big look inward, and going forward I hope to deliver more meaningful and raw content that can better contribute to the greater good of our society while being a better ally to our Black community.

If you’d like to help and unsure how, here are some ways:

  • sign petitions at change.org
  • educate yourself:
  • donate! some of my favorite organizations:
  • check in with your Black friends- ask how they are doing, what you can do to help, recommendations
  • support local Black owned businesses, here are some of my favorites:
  • Recognize and learn about your privilege and how you can use it to stop discrimination and hate
  • most importantly; do not sit back when you see or hear hateful, discriminatory, racists remarks!
  • VOTE! & get involved on how you can help and encourage others to vote

Let’s stay WOKE! and guarantee they have fucked with the last generation!

Please share other ways we can help and stand up for BLM together in comments below.


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