Hello all!

I’m Claudia, a girl that loves dogs, travel and sunsets. So cliche right? Most importantly, I am passionate about empowering young girls and women to live a life for themselves regardless of traditional social norms or expectations.

I am currently unemployed, but most recently was an international sr. apparel buyer for an e-commerce company for 5 years. This was my dream job since before going to school. I had a great boss, a great time, and developed amazing personal and professional connections that will last a lifetime. I have been in the fashion industry for about 12 years now since graduating from FIDM Los Angeles.

IMG_0402 2

About 3.5 years ago I discovered my love for aerial arts; from the moment I got on the aerial hammock, I haven’t been able to get down. I completed my Aerial Instructor Training certification in August of 2018 and shifted my focus to teaching since. I love that aerial pushes and challenges me mentally and physically every time. There is no other place I am more present than when I am dancing in the air wrapped on the fabric.

Bobby is my husband and we’ve been married for almost 9 years! 9 years!!! Together we have 3 dogs; Bailey, Bear & Hunter (in age order). Bear and Bailey are rescues, and Hunter is Bobby’s working dog. You can learn all about my pups here because otherwise I can go on for days about them. We don’t have kids and love to travel! We both love tropical vacations and my husband’s parents have a house that sits in the Colorado River in Arizona where we enjoy getting away to in the summers.

Although I had a brief affair with McDonald’s French fries in college (and from time to time), I enjoy healthy, clean eating and aim for an all organic diet. Also aim for eco friendly/ eco conscious/ non toxic products in my household. I think it is our generations responsibility to make drastic changes in our lifestyle and save our planet. Also, I feel better when I’m eating clean and not inhaling toxic cleaning products; so win win!


I decided to finally start writing (blogging) and sharing on social media because I want to share my experiences with [particularly] young girls and women to hopefully empower them to make life decisions for themselves. My entire life has been filled with people all around me expecting certain things from me simply because I am female. From a very young age I was asked things like “When do you want to get married?” and “How many kids do you want to have?” When I say young, I mean well before teenage years. And from that age, I always knew I didn’t want to live a life for a husband or for kids- I wanted to live a life that was complete just with me. Having the husband and kids, if they ever came, would be pure bonus.

In life I’ve always been dubbed as the “bitch that dgaf” and I’ve always been proud of that. To clarify, I care deeply about those close to me, and my passions; what I dgaf about is what others have to say about me in any regard. I am comfortable with life choices (for the most part) and have always felt very confident that I owe no one any kind of explanation for them.

With that, I’d like to share some personal experiences, every day life stuff, and encourage /empower you to live a life for YOU with an IDGAF attitude towards typical social/traditional norms.

Hope you enjoy!


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